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06 December 2012

Excited about Christmas, the children and I drew Christmas scenes. I decided to tidy them up and turn them into lamps that go around tealights.

I think that they are so cute and so Christmassy! They remind me of Amsterdam so I added a little bicycle leaning against one of the houses.

Free to download here

Just download the pdf, print onto paper - I just used regular computer paper. 

Grab your tealight holder. I used 2 types; a regular small candle in a glass holder, and a small hexagon glass jar with a tealight candle plonked inside.

Cut out the design and stick it round your tealight holder.

I made the design longer than you will probably need so that it can fit around a jam jar (in case you didn't have a tealight holder), so you'll probably need to trim the picture down a little.

You can colour the lamps in or poke holes in the stars to make them shine.

I wanted to show you a picture of the lamp that my youngest coloured in but I have no idea where she put it...oh well :)

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