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13 December 2012

Enjoy a magical Christmas with our new Christmas printables!! A set of three miniature elf books: Colouring Book with 12 Elfy images to colour, a 12 page Elf Joke Book, and an Elf Recipe book with 6 yummy christmas recipes!

AND an editable elf letter and envelope which comes in two sizes so that you can add your own message and print out as many as you need!!

Click here to see them in more detail!

Father Christmas' (or Santa's, if you'd prefer) footprints were a huge hit with my children last year.

I made a template for you to download and cut out. You can find it here.

You could, of course, draw around your husband's boots like I did last year but I guess the template is quicker :)

On Christmas eve, cut out the footprint and place by the fireplace or door or wherever Old St Nick makes his appearance. Then sprinkle flour or icing/powdered sugar all around the edge of the template.

Carefully lift the template up, pour the flour or sugar that fell onto it into a bowl or whatever, and flip the template over. You could, of course, print two templates out, you'd still need to pour off the remaining flour/sugar though. Then repeat the process of sprinkling the flour/sugar around the edge of the template.

You can then repeat onto the carpet/floor wherever Santa has walked. Don't worry, it brushes out of the carpet just fine, well, it has for us anyway :)

As Father Christmas is polite, he'd say thank you for the yummy snacks, and would write it in the "snow".

You could always dust the inside of the template instead.

Here's to another magical Christmas xxx

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