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16 December 2012

Still on the mice theme, to go with my last post, I thought I'd make some sugar mice.

I've made hard granulated sugar mice before but they really need a mould, so instead I made some fondant mice which can be moulded by hand.

You can make these mice using homemade fondant which is just an egg white mixed with 2 cups of icing sugar (powdered sugar). Knead until pliable. If its too sticky or doesn't hold its form then knead in a bit more sugar.

I added a few drops of strawberry flavour, too. Mint would work well for Christmas time.

If you don't want to make your own fondant, you could always buy some ready made, or use marzipan.

To make the little mice you need sweet laces for tails, little balls for the nose and eyes - I used chocolate balls for the eyes and little pink shiny balls for the noses, and slivered almonds for the ears.

Grab a small blob of fondant and shape into a teardrop. Push in two slivered almonds

Add the nose, eyes and tail. If the little balls don't want to stick to your mouse, just put a tiny blob of water on them first.

Leave them to dry and harden.

Add some food dye to make different coloured mice.

They've multiplied!

Ok, I was having fun with them :) They are just so cute!

All in line. That's enough photos from me :)


Carolyne xxx

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