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17 December 2012

As the children informed me this morning that there is only 8 more sleeps until Christmas day!!! Wooohooo!

They found their elf in the huge family sized box of chocolates today, it's so nice that the elf gets blamed for eating all those chocolates :)

So with just over a week to go before the feasting begins, my Mum and I have been discussing Christmas activities. I thought that paper fortune tellers would be fun, they would keep the kids busy writing out their fortunes, and then everyone can learn their fate :). My kids love them! I designed some Christmassy ones to go on the Christmas dinner table. Do you remember them from your childhood?

I'm selling these printable fortune tellers for only 99p! You can print off as many as you need. Folding and playing instructions are included with the pdf.

They have 4 different Christmassy designs on them. I've made them red and grey with the inside an ice blue. If you would rather have a different colour scheme, email me for more information.

You can find them here

Carolyne xxx

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