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21 December 2012

I found some vintage paper tumbling toys when looking at the Victoria & Albert museum. I thought that adapting the designs for a more modern winter theme would be fun for the kids.

Originally I thought that I would go with reindeer but since we are SO close to Christmas I drew some penguins instead, that way they will still be relevant for the rest of winter :) Lets face it, it only really starts warming up around March here in England.

You need to download and print the tumbling penguins here

Print them out and colour them in

Cut them out, fold the flaps and glue

Fold and stick half the penguin and add 2 marbles.

Put glue on the last flap and stick it down, joining the two halves of the penguin.

The finished penguin. He can't stand up on his own so he's using a stick Santa to lean on :)

To make the penguin tumble create a slope and cover it with a piece of fabric. I used a drawing board covered with a fleece blanket propped up on a sweet tin.

Hold the penguin at the top and let go! The penguin tumbles head over heels all the way down.

I should've made a video instead of using photos. I shall try and do a video tomorrow for you. Although, you could just make your own and see for yourself :)

Carolyne xxx

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