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22 December 2012

So finally, here we are, shopping done, cupboards stocked, mulled wine and hot chocolate flowing. While the children sit down to watch Christmas movies I can get my crocheting out and relax. I know that it's a bit late but I fancied making some more ornaments to go on the tree.

I decided on some ice-skates which have a safety pin for blades. You could of course use a paper clip. They take no time at all to make.

What you'll need:

3.5mm crochet hook

Safety pins or paper clips about 3cm long.

8 ply cotton in 2 different colours

I have written this pattern using the US terminology. So the sc would be dc if you are using UK terminology.

Thread the main colour through the little hole at the end on the safety pin and make a slip knot.

Ch 1, 8 sc going along the wire. Turn. To crochet along the wire go under the wire to grab the yarn with the hook the first time and then over the second to complete the stitch. - does that make sense? I hope so!

Ch 1, sc in each sc across but not in the turning ch. You will have 8 sc

Now don't ch just turn and miss the 1st sc of previous row and sc in next and then sc in across row so that you now have 7 sc

Turn, ch 1, 4 sc across

Turn Ch 1, 4 sc across

Turn Ch1, 4 sc across

Turn Ch1, 4 sc across

Chain 10 and tie off leaving a tail to tie a bow.  For the 2nd boot chain only 6, it makes them hang better together.

Attach the 2nd colour to the top on the turning ch, ch1 and 4 sc across. Tie off and tidy up the ends.

Make a small bow out of your contrasting yarn and sew onto your ice-skates.

Tie together and hang on your tree.

Carolyne xxx

For personal use only! The pattern is not to be distributed without written consent from the author. Links to this page are welcome though!

I found some paperclips! It's the same technique just different looking blades :) Use whichever you prefer.


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