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04 January 2013

So after we got the important job of making the flower out of the way (see previous post), here is the pattern for the camera strap cover. I say pattern but it's more of a guideline as the sizes will depend on the camera strap that you have.

I have a Nikon camera. I used an 8 ply cotton blend with a 5mm hook.

I worked in the round so there is no slip stitching apart from the beginning and the end, just carry on going until it fits.

Start by undoing the strap from one side of your camera. Ooh remember that I am using US crochet terminology, see the table in the previous post for the conversion table to UK crochet terms.

Chain 8 and sl st to form a ring making sure that it is not twisted. Check that this fits round the narrowest part of your strap.

Sc all the way around. Don't sl st when you have gone all the way around just carry on going but after the 1st round of sc, you need to increase by 2 sc for each round. To make that clearer, after the first round of 8 sc, in the 1st sc, crochet 2 sc in the same stitch then sc for about 3 sc, then 2 sc in the next st, then sc in the next 3 scs. I did this increasing by 2 scs per round until I have 12 scs.

So basically, you started with 8 chains, 1st round has 8 sc, next has 10sc, and the last has 12sc. (or if your strap is wider than mine have more stitches, if it is narrower then have less)

I hope that this is making sense, it really is very simple, trust your judgement and just play around with it until it feels right, it won't take you long.

Then stop increasing BEFORE your strap reaches it's widest point. I say before because dc has more stretch in it than sc which means that your strap will be too baggy if you increase your scs up to the widest point.

Then just start crocheting a dc in each stitch around (keep putting your camera strap through your crocheted cover to make sure that it fits). Keep going with your dcs until you cover your camera strap and the width starts to decrease. Go back to your scs and do a full round in sc. Then decrease by 2 each round until you have 8 stitches (like the start but in reverse: 1st round has 12 sc, 2nd round decrease by 2 leaving you with 10sc, same again for last round leaving you with 8sc) sl st into last and bind off.

Slip it over your camera strap and fasten the strap back onto the camera.

Sew the flower that you made from yesterday's post onto the strap. And you are done!

Hmmm nice and comfy, much better!



For personal use only! The pattern is not to be distributed without written consent from the author. Links to this page are welcome though!

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